A conversation about you!



Have that career conversation your team – it may be the best thing you have ever done!

In 2015 the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) carried out some research that highlighted the fact that 37% of workers planned to change their jobs in that year (a two-fold increase on 2014). So in an economy that is growing, with increased opportunities for staff to look elsewhere you should be making sure that you are supporting your team by having those regular conversations.  The annual appraisal alone just doesn’t do it any longer.

Regular career conversations are just that. An opportunity for you and your employee to discuss their aspirations and how that fits in with the organization and its vision and goals.  Evidence from a Canadian research project in 2010 found that ‘investing in career development programs for employees contributes to the retention of valuable employees, increased work satisfaction and improved engagement with the workplace’.  Part of that research looked at the value of career conversations within the framework of robust employee development and support. Read more here A conversation about you


Posted on 6th March 2018
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