Business Mentoring – to teach is to learn

Business mentoring is a process in which an experienced individual helps another person to develop his or her goals and skills through a series of one to one conversations and other support and/or learning. A mentor will share wisdom and experiences, support you to evolve your thinking and develop your capacity to grow both yourself and your business.

In his recent article for FSB Guy Browning, author and speaker says ‘Working for yourself is a beautiful combination of demanding boss and difficult employee’

Taking advice or even asking for it can sometimes seem like you are failing to do your job, or in some way falling short of managing your business effectively. However, the most successful businesses will recognise the value of using a supportive and skill-rich network of colleagues and advisers who can enhance, develop and help you to grow your business and become more confident in dealing with challenges and finding the right road through to your destination.

In a recent survey three-quarters of small companies have taken advice, and more than half of these saw revenues rise afterwards. If you do decide to seek advice, the way forward is not always clear. How do you find that special person with whom you can interact, share and more importantly – trust.  Finding a mentor with the right skill-set is critical to you gaining maximum benefit from the experience.  Key skills of a good mentor will include: Active listening, the ability to build a trusting relationship that flourishes and nourishes both sides, supporting you in determining your goals, build your personal and business capacity and encourage and inspire you.

Business is Great Britain is a website dedicated to supporting business in the UK  – read this article from Rekha Mehr about how useful she found her mentor in supporting her business journey from good to great

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