Their Story, Your Story – building a great business

Developing a trusting and on-going relationship with those people and companies with whom you already have a link is the key to growing your business and building long-lasting and, hopefully, mutually beneficial opportunities for both of you.  Gaining new business is a two-way street, not just about them helping you but how you can help each other.

The following is a way of developing your networking on a much more personal level so that it works for you and the business and will take less of your time because you are being more targeted in your approach.  It is important to remember that networking, in its most traditional sense, is not just about walking into a room of complete strangers and handing out your business cards to anyone.  So how to make those contacts count …

 First – check out your contacts

Look at who you know via your phone book or Linkedin profile and make a list of those people who can be helpful to you and, as important, that you may be able to help as well. Remember you are presenting yourself as a problem-saver. Create a list of all those that you think might fall into this category – it may not be a long list, but it will be people that know you and that you know so already an opening.

Just remember that people don’t respond well to overt sales pitches as they will be batted back to you or ducked to avoid and people are very wary of these types of conversations (think how you feel when you get someone on the phone or via e-mail like this?). Read more here–-building-great-business-Feb-20.pdf

Photo courtesy of Nadine Shaabana

Posted on 21st February 2020
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